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Royalty in Libya

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A History of Modern Libya by Dirk Vandewalle. Includes a chapter on the Sanusi monarchy.

Libya: From Colony to Independence by Ronald Bruce St. John. Details the struggles of the state from Greek settlements in the fifth century BC to the modern era.

Historical Dictionary of Libya by Ronald Bruce St. John. Covers early and modern Libyan history. Includes maps and a bibliography.

Libya: The Struggle for Survival by Geoff Simons. Charts the West's response to Libya's possible involvement in the 1988 Lockerbie airliner bombing. Offers a detailed history of Libya from earliest times, with emphasis on its colonial past. Includes information about King Idris.

Lonely Planet Libya by Anthony Ham. Travel guide with cultural, historical and political notes.

DVDs About Libya

The movies and documentaries listed below are formatted for North American audiences.

The Romans in North Africa: A Journey Back in Time. Visit what remains of the major Roman dwellings in the North African region, with rare images of Lepcis Magna in Libya. Features period reconstructions, 3D graphics and animation sequences.

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