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Queen Anne

Anne was the daughter of Britain's King James II (James VII of Scotland) and his first wife. She supported her sister and brother-in-law, William and Mary, in the Glorious Revolution which overthrew James II. In 1702, after William and Mary had both died, Anne inherited the throne.

Anne was married to Prince George of Denmark. Most of her approximately 17 pregnancies ended in miscarriage or stillbirth, and none of her children survived to adulthood. Queen Anne was the last Stuart monarch. She died in 1714 and, in accordance with the 1701 Act of Settlement, was succeeded by the German elector of Hanover, who became King George I.

Books About Queen Anne

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Book categories: The Queen, Favorites, Family, Reign

The Queen

Queen Anne by Edward Gregg. Although Anne is often portrayed as weak and helpless, the author of this biography describes her as a strong woman who played an important role in her era.

Queen Anne: The Politics of Passion by Anne Somerset. Biography of the remarkable monarch, whose personal life was riven by passion, illness and intrigue.

Good Queen Anne: Appraising the Life and Reign of the Last Stuart Monarch by Judith Lissauer Cromwell. This biography reveals Anne Stuart as a kind, practical woman who overcame tragedy and poor health.

Anne: Last Queen of England by Richard Hewlings. A short biography from the Penguin Monarchs series.

Queen Anne by David Bronte Green. Biography published in 1970.

Ungrateful Daughters: The Stuart Princesses Who Stole Their Father's Crown by Maureen Waller. In 1688, seven prominent men invited William of Orange to intervene in English affairs. But it was the women, Queen Mary Beatrice and her stepdaughters Mary and Anne, who played a key role in this drama.

Royal Sisters: The Story of the Daughters of James II by Jean Plaidy. Novel about Britain's Queen Mary II and Queen Anne. Originally published in 1966 as "The Haunted Sisters."

The Queen's Favorites

The Favourite: Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough by Ophelia Field. Sarah Churchill, a close friend of Queen Anne, has been portrayed as a manipulative money-grubber, but this author believes she was a shrewd politician and a gifted financier.

The Marlboroughs: John and Sarah Churchill, 1650-1744 by Christopher Hibbert. A successful British general, John Churchill was also a commanding figure at the English court. The book concentrates upon his personal life, his sensitive character, his interests and failings.

Duchess: A Novel of Sarah Churchill by Susan Holloway Scott. Novel about a close friend of Queen Anne who became politically powerful and amassed an immense personal fortune.

Courting Her Highness: The Story of Queen Anne by Jean Plaidy. Novel about British monarch Queen Anne (1665-1714) and her close friends Sarah Churchill and Abigail Hill. Originally published in 1966 under the (much better) title The Queen's Favourites.

Queen Anne's Family

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Queen Anne's Reign

Backlash: Libel, Impeachment, and Populism in the Reign of Queen Anne by Rachel Carnell. Careful and diligent, Anne tried to run a government balanced between the parties.

Render Unto Caesar: Ecclesiastical Politics in the Reign of Queen Anne by R. Barry Levis. Examines the relationship between the queen, politicians, and church leaders.

Pope and the Destiny of the Stuarts: History, Politics, and Mythology in the Age of Queen Anne by Pat Rogers. Looks at the literary and political climate of England during the reign of Queen Anne.

Queen Anne's American Kings by Richmond Pugh Bond. In 1710, four Iroquois visited Britain and were treated as heads of state. They saw a performance of "Macbeth," witnessed the "royal sport" of cockfighting, and had a lengthy audience with Queen Anne.

More Books About the Stuart Era

Anne and the Arts

Queen Anne: Patroness of Arts by James Anderson Winn. The last Stuart monarch, Queen Anne (1665-1714) took a connoisseur's interest in all the arts. This biography tells the story of her life in cultural context. Illustrated.

Queen Anne and the Arts edited by Cedric D. Reverand. Essays make a case for Anne's reign as a time of experimentation and considerable accomplishment in new genres.

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