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Queen Elizabeth II

Books About Queen Elizabeth II

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Books About the Queen

Diamond Jubilee Biographies

Her Majesty by Christopher Warwick. Tells the story of Queen Elizabeth II through hundreds of photographs, many previously unseen.

Elizabeth the Queen: The Life of a Modern Monarch by Sally Bedell Smith. A biography of Queen Elizabeth II, drawing on numerous interviews and never-before-revealed documents.

The Real Elizabeth: An Intimate Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by Andrew Marr. A "surprising and very personal" biography.

The Queen: A Life in Brief by Robert Lacey. Traces the Queen's life through its major stages, with first-hand insights from her friends, relatives, private secretaries and prime ministers. (Published in the UK as A Brief Life of the Queen.)

Elizabeth: A Celebration in Photographs of the Queen's Life and Reign by Jennie Bond. Account of the Queen's life and role as the head of state in a country and world that have changed almost beyond recognition since she inherited the throne.

A Brief History of the Private Life of Elizabeth II by Michael Paterson. This biography discusses the places where the Queen has lived, her training, the people who influenced her, and her attitudes to significant events.

Sixty Glorious Years: Our Queen, Elizabeth II - Diamond Jubilee 1952-2012 by Victoria Murphy. A look at the Queen's life and work, with rarely seen pictures.

Queen Elizabeth II from Ammonite Press. Almost 250 pictures taken by Press Association photographers over more than 80 years. Revised Diamond Jubilee edition.

Her Majesty: Queen Elizabeth II and Her Court by Robert Hardman. A biography with 16 pages of color illustrations.

The Queen: Elizabeth II and the Monarchy by Ben Pimlott. This updated biography treats the Queen seriously as the subject of historical biography, using a wide range of sources, including interviews, diaries and letters, and papers in the Royal Archives. Diamond Jubilee edition.

Queen Elizabeth II: A Royal Life in Pictures by Ammonite Press. During Elizabeth's long reign, the world has witnessed sweeping changes and the queen has been one of the most photographed women in the world.

Books About Jubilee Celebrations

Dressing the Queen: The Jubilee Wardrobe by Angela Kelly. Reveals the careful planning and preparation that went into the Queen's wardrobe for the Diamond Jubilee in 2012. A team of dressmakers and milliners spent two years designing and creating the outfits the Queen wore during the year. The author is the dresser and personal assistant of Queen Elizabeth II.

The People's Jubilee: A Nation Celebrates by Victoria Murphy. Follows the Queen and her family at the spectacular celebrations to honor her 60 years of service to Britain and the Commonwealth. Includes hundreds of pictures.

Queen Elizabeth II and Her Church: Royal Service at Westminster Abbey by John Hall. The Dean of Westminster reflects on recent royal services at Westminster Abbey as a model of royal service.

Jubilee Souvenir & Gift Books

Jubilee! Queen Elizabeth II: 60 Years on the Throne by the editors of LIFE Magazine. Photos of the Jubilee and prior House of Windsor celebrations, including Victoria's 60th anniversary celebration, Elizabeth's wedding, Charles and Diana's wedding, and the marriage of William and Catherine.

The Royal Family by Catherine Mayer with the editors of TIME Magazine. The turbulent life and times of Queen Elizabeth II and the royal House of Windsor.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II: Diamond Jubilee Souvenir, 1952-2012 by Annie Bullen. An illustrated celebration of the Queen's 60-year reign.

The Queen: The Diamond Jubilee by Debrett's. An illustrated commemoration of the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Includes the Queen's genealogy, coat of arms, and orders of chivalry.

Treasures of Queen Elizabeth by Tim Ewart. A slipcased, illustrated gift book containing 15 replica documents highlighting notable events in the life of the Queen, including her marriage certificate and the original draft of the speech she made at age 14.

Queen Elizabeth II: A Diamond Jubilee Souvenir Album by Jane Roberts. A biography in photographs with 300 full-color illustrations, many never before seen.

1953 - The Queen's Coronation: The Official Souvenir Album by Caroline de Guitaut. An illustrated souvenir album with newly commissioned photographs of the coronation gown, the Diamond Diadem, and many other jewels and ceremonial garments from the coronation.

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Commemorative Plate and Book by Cindy De La Hoz. A mini ceramic plate with gilded edge, royal insignia, inscription, and images of Her Majesty, along with an easel stand and a 48-page booklet.

Other Books

Lilibet: An Intimate Portrait of Elizabeth II by Carrolly Erickson. This biography tells the Queen's story from her point of view, showing us a small, shy woman with a sly sense of humor, a woman who enjoys watching wrestling on TV and is most at home among her horses and dogs.

Monarch: The Life and Reign of Elizabeth II by Robert Lacey. A respectful look at Her Majesty's life.

Young Elizabeth: The Making of Our Queen by Kate Williams. Explores the sheltered upbringing of the future Elizabeth II, her complicated relationship with her sister, the profound impact of the abdication crisis, and how the young queen carved out a lasting role for herself.

Queen Elizabeth II edited by Elizabeth Roberts. Unique pictures, taken by members of the Press Association over a period of 80 years, document the life of an extraordinary woman.

Queen Elizabeth II: Portraits by Cecil Beaton by Susanna Brown, illustrated by Cecil Beaton. Explores photographer Beaton's relationship with the royal family and how his portraits shaped the monarchy's public image.

The Queen: Art and Image by Paul Moorhouse and David Cannadine. Photographs and portraits of Queen Elizabeth II by some of the most important 20th century artists. Published in association with the National Portrait Gallery in London.

Elizabeth: A Biography of Britain's Queen by Sarah Bradford. Examines how the queen was influenced by her father, her troubled relationships with her children, her difficult marriage, and how she copes with the pressures of being the most famous woman in the world. Published in 1996.

Elizabeth: Reigning in Style by Jane Eastoe. In the 1950s and 1960s Elizabeth II was a style icon, copied and adored. This is a detailed sartorial portrait of the Queen, featuring photographs, sketches, and mood boards.

The Monarchy: An Oral Biography of Elizabeth II by Gerald Strober and Deborah H. Strober. Uses quotes from over 150 interviews with royal insiders to tell the queen's life story.

Her Childhood

The Little Princesses by Marion Crawford. An account of the childhood of Queen Elizabeth II and her sister, Princess Margaret, written by their governess, whom the princesses affectionately called "Crawfie." The royal family are said to have ostracized Crawford for writing this book.

Dolls for the Princesses: The Story of France and Marianne by Faith Eaton. About two dolls which were given to future queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret in 1938 as an expression of the Entente Cordiale between Great Britain and France. Eaton describes the events leading up to the presentation of the dolls, their creation, and the preparation of their wardrobes. 70 photographs and illustrations, 50 in color.

Behind the Scenes

The Queen's Coronation: The Inside Story by James Wilkinson. An inside look at the best-organised and most widely witnessed coronation in history.

A Year With the Queen by Robert Hardman. What is life like in the 650 rooms of Buckingham Palace? What does a lady-in-waiting do? What do you say to royalty? This book provides an inside look at the extraordinary world of the British monarch and her family.

The Queen and Di: The Untold Story by Ingrid Seward. We all know they didn't get along. But was the queen really a cold and unforgiving mother-in-law? Not according to this book, which claims the queen did her best to welcome Diana into the royal family.

Her Majesty: 60 Regal Years by Brian Hoey. This biography explores the life of Queen Elizabeth II from the point of view of those who live and work with her. (Previous editions include Life With the Queen and At Home With the Queen.)

Queen Elizabeth II: A Woman Who Is Not Amused by Nicholas Davies. The intimate secrets of Queen Elizabeth's reign: a story of "adultery, passion, jealousy, and mental cruelty."

Elizabeth: The Woman and the Queen by Graham Turner. Takes the reader behind the scenes to describe the reality of the queen's relationship with Prince Philip and how she deals with her children.

Royal Racing: The Queen and Queen Mother's Sporting Life by Sean Smith is about the abiding passion of Elizabeth II and her mother for horse racing. This illustrated account of their achievements is rich in anecdotes from key figures of the racing world.

What's In The Queen's Handbag: And Other Royal Secrets by Phil Dampier and Ashley Walton. Veteran royal reporters take an insider's peek into "some of the most closely guarded royal secrets."

Golden Jubilee Books

Queen Elizabeth II: A Celebration of Her Majesty's Fifty-Year Reign by Tim Graham. A photographic history of the queen's reign, from her coronation in 1952 to the Golden Jubilee. The photographs feature both the public pomp and the elaborate preparations that go on behind the scenes.

God Save the Queen: Britain in 1952 by Peter Street. Looks at British life in the year Elizabeth II became queen.

The Queen: 50 Years - A Celebration by Ronald Allison. Details the highlights of each year of Queen Elizabeth II's reign. The author was the queen's press secretary for five years.

Queen and Country: The Fifty-Year Reign of Elizabeth II by William Shawcross. Over half a century of rule, Shawcross suggests, the queen has risen to every occasion and capably led the British Commonwealth and the royal family, even if both have given her plenty of troubles. Well-illustrated. From Alibris.

Queen Elizabeth's Marriage

Philip and Elizabeth: Portrait of a Royal Marriage by Gyles Brandreth. The first major biography of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. The author has met the principal players; he quotes no anonymous sources; he has known the Duke of Edinburgh for 25 years and has interviewed him. Illustrated with Prince Philip's family photographs and pictures from the Queen's royal collection.

Queen and Consort - Elizabeth and Philip: 60 Years of Marriage by Lynne Bell, Arthur Bousfield, and Garry Toffoli. An illustrated study of Queen Elizabeth II's marriage.

Elizabeth and Philip: 20 November 1947 by Val Horsler. A behind-the-scenes look at the wedding of Queen Elizabeth II.

Elizabeth & Philip and Their Royal Family. A collection of photos from the Daily Mail.

Elizabeth and Philip: A Royal Love Story by Judith Campbell. Out of print, but available from Alibris.

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

Prince Philip: The Turbulent Early Life of the Man Who Married Queen Elizabeth II by Philip Eade. Published to coincide with Duke of Edinburgh's 90th birthday. As a young man, Prince Philip was self-confident, handsome, and charming; girls fell at his feet. But the prince was prone to volcanic outbursts, a legacy of his traumatic childhood.

Alice: Princess Andrew of Greece by Hugo Vickers. Biography of Philip's mother. Born deaf, Princess Alice led a dramatic, often tragic life, and ended her days as a nun.

Prince Philip: A Family Portrait by Queen Alexandra. The former queen of Yugoslavia tells the story of her first cousin, Prince Philip of Greece, who grew up with Alexandra. Out of print, but available at Alibris.

Prince Philip: An Informal Biography by Basil Boothroyd. Discusses his family background, engagement to Elizabeth, their marriage, and more. From Alibris.

Prince Philip by John Dean. Philip's former valet shares memories of a likeable prince. From Alibris.

Prince Philip: A Biography by Denis Judd. The author explores Prince Philip's history and his immense contribution to the royal family and Britain. From Alibris.

The Duke: A Portrait of Prince Philip by Tim Heald. A 1991 biography, written with the cooperation of Buckingham Palace. From Alibris.

Prince Philip: His Secret Life by John Parker. Royal playboy or faithful consort? Overbearing bully or devoted father? This book rips away the veil of secrecy covering the world's most famous husband. From Alibris.

The Duke of Hazard: The Wit and Wisdom of Prince Philip by Phil Dampier and Ashley Walton. A comprehensive list of the Duke's notoriously acerbic, blunt one-liners.

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Queen Elizabeth's Parents & Sister

Books About the Queen Mother and George VI
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Queen Elizabeth's Children & Grandchildren

Books About Prince Charles
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Books About Prince Andrew
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More British Royalty Books

Elizabeth II and Her Era

Our Times: The Age of Elizabeth II by A. N. Wilson. When Queen Elizabeth II was crowned in 1953, many proclaimed the start of a new Elizabethan Age, but few had any inkling of the changes that would occur over the next 50 years. Here are the defining events and characters of modern Britain, from the Beatles to Princess Diana. (Third book in a trilogy; the first two books are The Victorians and After the Victorians.)

The Queen & Us: The Second Elizabethan Age by Nigel Nicolson. In 1953 the Queen ruled over a country still recovering from World War II. The royal family kept its private life private. Why has it changed since then? Is it a change for the good? Published in 2011.

Fiction and Poetry

The Uncommon Reader by Allan Bennett. A humorous novella. When the Queen in pursuit of her wandering corgis stumbles upon a mobile library, she feels duty bound to borrow a book and discovers the pleasures of the written word.

Night of Triumph by Peter Bradshaw. On VE Night, 1945, teenage princesses Elizabeth and Margaret were allowed to leave the Palace incognito to celebrate with ordinary. This is a comedy crime thriller about the princesses' big adventure.

Mrs Queen Takes the Train: A Novel by William Kuhn. After Elizabeth II disguises herself and walks out of Buckingham Palace, employees set out to find her before her absence becomes a national scandal.

The Autobiography of the Queen by Emma Tennant. Faced with the loss of her beloved home, Balmoral, Queen Elizabeth II escapes alone to the Caribbean.

Death at Buckingham Palace: Her Majesty Investigates by C. C. Benison. A novel in which -- yes -- Queen Elizabeth II plays detective! (Don't you wonder if the queen reads these books?)

Death at Sandringham House. Sequel to Death at Buckingham Palace

Death at Windsor Castle. Her Majesty plays sleuth again.

The Queen by Peter Morgan. The screenplay for the acclaimed film about the British royal family's reaction to Princess Diana's death.

Diana, Charles, & the Queen by William Heyen. Poems about the royal family.

Books About British Royal History
Books About World Royalty

Children's Books

The Queen and Mr Brown: A Day for Dinosaurs by James Francis Wilkins. Children's picture book in which Queen Elizabeth II and her loveable pet corgi Mr Brown enjoy an adventure at London's Natural History Museum.

Queen Elizabeth II: Monarch of Our Times by Sara Barton-Wood. Book for children ages 9 to 12.

Tell Me About Queen Elizabeth II by John Malam is a biography for children ages 4 to 8.

The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II by Gillian Clements. Charts the 1953 ceremony in which the Queen came to the throne, and other major events of the time such as the conquest of Mount Everest.

Titus Rules by Dick King-Smith, illustrated by John Eastwood. Tells the humorous (and fictional) story of one of Queen Elizabeth II's corgis, Titus, and his adventures while living in the palace. For children ages 9 to 12.

Movies & Documentaries

These DVDs are formatted for North American audiences.

Diamond Queen. A 2012 BBC documentary marking the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. It features interviews with prime ministers, world leaders, and members of the royal family, and closely follows the Queen's working engagements for a year and a half.

The Queen starring Helen Mirren. Very popular 2006 movie about Queen Elizabeth II's reaction to the death of Princess Diana. Helen Mirren won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her portrayal of the Queen. The movie was also nominated for Best Motion Picture.

The Monarchy: Queen Elizabeth II. TV documentary.

Queen Elizabeth II: 60 Glorious Years. Documentary on VHS tape.

50 Golden Years - Queen & Prince. A 2001 documentary from the "Royal Family Collection." VHS tape.

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