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German History & Royalty

A Concise History of Germany by Mary Fulbook. Spans the early Middle Ages to the present day.

The Cambridge Illustrated History of Germany by Martin Kitchen. Chronological account of German history from Charlemagne to the modern era.

Mad Princes of Renaissance Germany by H. C. Erik Midelfort. As the title suggests, this is a study of insanity among German royals.

Making Sense of Constitutional Monarchism in Post-Napoleonic France and Germany by Markus J. Prutsch. Highlights the daring attempt to improve traditional forms of monarchical legitimacy by means of a modern representative constitution.

Fatherlands: State-Building and Nationhood in Nineteenth-Century Germany by Abigail Green. Focuses on the three kingdoms of Hanover, Saxony and Wurttemberg. Includes a chapter on the modernization of German monarchy.

Royals and World War Two

Royals and the Reich: The Princes von Hessen in Nazi Germany by Jonathan Petropoulos. The author, who was given access to royal archives, tells the story of the Princes of Hesse and the important role they played in the Nazi regime. The princes made the Nazis socially acceptable to high-society patrons, but they were betrayed by Hitler and later prosecuted by the Allies.

Go-Betweens for Hitler by Karina Urbach. How some German aristocrats -- such as the Duke of Coburg, grandson of Queen Victoria -- helped Hitler's secret diplomacy by providing a direct line to their influential contacts, including Britain's Edward VIII.

The Palace and the Bunker: Royal Resistance to Hitler by Frank Millard. A study of the role of German and Austrian royals in Hitler's defeat.

Nazi Princess: Hitler, Lord Rothermere and Princess Stephanie von Hohenlohe by Jim Wilson. Stefanie von Hohenlohe was born to a middle-class family of partly Jewish descent. After marrying and divorcing a German prince, she became a close confidante of Hitler, and spied for the Nazis among British high society.

Betrayer's Waltz: The Unlikely Bond Between Marie Valerie of Austria and Hitler's Princess-Spy by Jennifer Bowers Bahney. Archduchess Marie Valerie was the favorite daughter of Austrian emperor Franz Joseph. Her husband's mistress Stephanie Richter married a German prince and became a Nazi spy.

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Medieval Germany

Richard of Cornwall: The English King of Germany by Darren Baker. Youngest son of England's King John, Richard was elected king of Germany in 1257.

Princes and Territories in Medieval Germany by Benjamin Arnold. Looks at why a multiplicity of states and territories emerged by the end of the Middle Ages instead of a "nation state" under the crown.

Itinerant Kingship and Royal Monasteries in Early Medieval Germany, C. 936-1075 by John W. Bernhardt examines the relationships between monarchs and monasteries.

Medieval Germany: An Encyclopedia by John M. Jeep. This A-Z encyclopedia provides in-depth coverage of the history and culture of the German and Dutch-speaking world from c.500 to 1500 CE. Includes illustrations and some 700 signed entries.

Courtly Culture: Literature and Society in the High Middle Ages by Joachim Bumke. Describes aristocratic society -- castles and clothing, weapons and transportation, food, drink, etiquette, tournaments, knighting ceremonies, and princely feasts, courtly love, and more.

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The German Empire

The Kaisers by Theo Aronson. A study of the comet-like rise and fall of the House of Hohenzollern.

Friedrich III

Our Fritz: Emperor Frederick III and the Political Culture of Imperial Germany by Frank Lorenz Müller. This biography reconstructs how the hugely popular persona of "Our Fritz" was created and used for political purposes before and after the emperor's death of throat cancer after a reign of only 99 days.

An Uncommon Woman by Hannah Pakula. Biography of the Empress Frederick, who was the daughter of Queen Victoria and mother of Wilhelm II. Her husband, Frederick III, died shortly after becoming emperor.

Dearest Vicky, Darling Fritz by John Van Der Kiste tells the tragic love story of Frederick III and his wife.

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Kaiser Wilhelm II

Kaiser Wilhelm II by Christopher M. Clark. This biography explores both the ruler and his times.

The Kaiser and His Times by Michael Balfour is a scholarly biography of Wilhelm II.

The Last Kaiser: The Life of Wilhelm II by Giles MacDonogh. This biography takes a fresh look at a complex statesmen and the charges against him.

Kaiser Wilhelm II: Germany's Last Emperor by John Van Der Kiste. Born in 1859, Prince Wilhelm was torn between two cultures -- the Prussian Junker and the English liberal gentleman.

The End of the German Monarchy: The Decline and Fall of the Hohenzollerns by John Van der Kiste. Provides analysis of German emperor Wilhelm II's family heritage and his leading part in Prussian militarism.

The Eulenburg Affair: A Cultural History of Politics in the German Empire by Norman Domeier, translated by Deborah Lucas Schneider. When it broke out in 1906, the scandal surrounding Prince Philipp Eulenburg, confidant of Emperor Wilhelm II, shook the Hohenzollern monarchy and all of Europe.

Wilhelm II and the German Empire

The Kaiser and the Colonies: Monarchy in the Age of Empire by Matthew P. Fitzpatrick. Examines Wilhelm II's surprisingly muted role in the German Empire.

The Kaiser: New Research on Wilhelm II's Role in Imperial Germany edited by Annika Mombauer and Wilhelm Deist. Collection of essays examining Wilhelm II's role, focusing on the later years of his reign.

Wilhelm II's Wives & Sisters

The Last German Empress: Empress Augusta Victoria, Consort of Emperor William II by John Van der Kiste. Biography. Born a princess of Schleswig-Holstein in 1858, "Dona" was a steadying influence on her unstable husband.

The Prussian Princesses: The Sisters of Kaiser Wilhelm II by John Van der Kiste. A biography of Kaiser Wilhelm II's younger sisters, Victoria, Sophie and Margaret. One married an adventurer, one married a future king, and one saw her family become victims of theft.

An Empress In Exile: My Days In Doorn by Empress Hermine. Autobiography of Wilhelm II's second wife, who was born Princess Hermine Reuss of Greiz.

Hermine, an Empress in Exile: The Untold Story of the Kaiser's Second Wife by Moniek Bloks. To achieve her goal of power, Hermine turned to Adolf Hitler, but her dream was not realized.

Books by John Röhl

Young Wilhelm: The Kaiser's Early Life, 1859-1888 by John C. G. Rohl. Describes the future kaiser's life from his birth in 1859 to his accession in 1888.

Wilhelm II: The Kaiser's Personal Monarchy, 1888-1900 by John C. G. Röhl. A detailed account of the first half of the German ruler's reign.

Wilhelm II: Into the Abyss of War and Exile, 1900-1941 by John C. G. Röhl. Examines the Kaiser's role in the origins of the First World War; the scandals of his reign; his abdication, bitter exile, and frustrated hopes that Hitler would restore him to the throne.

The Kaiser and His Court by John C. G. Rohl. Essays about Wilhelm II and the government of Germany.

Kaiser Wilhelm II: A Concise Life by John Röhl. A concise edition of the author's three-volume biography of Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany. It sheds new light on the Kaiser's troubled youth, his involvement in scandals, and his role in the outbreak of the First World War.

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The Utility of Splendor by by Samuel John Klingensmith. Ceremony, social life, and architecture at the court of Bavaria, 1600-1800.

Haig's Enemy: Crown Prince Rupprecht and Germany's War on the Western Front by Jonathan Boff. Bavaria's crown prince lost not only the war, but his son and his throne.

Ludwig I

Divine Lola: A True Story of Scandal and Celebrity by Cristina Morató. 19th century Irish dancer Lola Montez became the obsession of Bavaria's King Ludwig I.

Lola Montez: A Life by Bruce Seymour. Montez (real name: Eliza Gilbert) was a dancer whose affair with King Ludwig I created forced him to abdicate.

King Ludwig I's Gallery of Beauties by Gerhard Hojer. More than 30 portraits painted by Joseph Karl Stieler for King Ludwig I of Bavaria.

Ludwig II

The Swan King: Ludwig II of Bavaria by Christopher McIntosh. "Mad King Ludwig," is best remembered today for building exotic palaces and giving financial support to composer Richard Wagner. He died mysteriously, an apparent suicide, in 1886 after being declared insane.

King Ludwig II: Reality and Mystery by Hans Rall, Michael Petzet, and Franz Merta. First published in German in 1968, this book has become a standard work on Ludwig II. This edition is translated into English. It includes a biography of the king and an essay on his relationship with the arts. Illustrated.

Furniture for the Dream King: Ludwig II and Anton Possenbacher, Munich Cabinet-maker to the Bavarian Court by Afra Shick, photographs by Rainer Herrmann, Ulrich Pfeuffer, Maria Scherf. Possenbacher created furnishings for Bavaria's "Mad King" Ludwig II. He also designed for other rulers, such as King Charles I of Romania.

Empty Theatre: A Novel by Jac Jemc. This satire imagines the adventures of mad king Ludwig II of Bavaria and Austrian empress Sisi.

The Secret Crown by Chris Kuzneski. Fiction. Two men search for the truth about Bavarian king Ludwig II's murder and his mythical treasure.

A Palace for the Heart: Laments for Ludwig II by Nick Norwood. American elegiac poetry about King Ludwig II of Bavaria.

King Ludwig's Castle: Germany's Neuschwanstein by Lisa Trumbauer. For children ages 9 to 12.

Movie About King Ludwig

Ludwig. Haunting 1972 movie about Ludwig II's tragic life starring Helmut Berger as the king. (Formatted for North American audiences.)

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German Castles & Palaces

Books About German Castles & Palaces


The Coburg Conspiracy: Royal Plots and Manoeuvres by Richard E. Sotnick. At the dawn of the 19th century, the Duchy of Coburg was small, poor, and had no influence. One hundred years later, the genes of the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha family ran in 13 royal families. How did they achieve this turnaround?


England Und Hannover/England and Hanover by Adolf M. Birke, edited by Kurt Kluxen.


Frederick V

The Winter King: Frederick V of the Palatinate and the Coming of the Thirty Years' War by Brennan C. Pursell, David M. Jones. A detailed biographical account of Frederick V, elector Palatine of the Rhine and king of Bohemia, and an examination of the reasons for the war.

Elizabeth Stuart

Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of Hearts by Nadine Akkerman. Biography. Daughter of Britain's James VI and I, Elizabeth was briefly queen of Bohemia. Exiled and widowed, she fought to regain her children's birthright.

The Winter Queen by Carola Oman. Biography of Elizabeth of Bohemia, daughter of Britain's James I and wife of Bohemia's Frederick I. She suffered poverty and exile after the death of her husband. The Hanoverian kings of England were descended from Elizabeth.

Daughters of the Winter Queen: Four Remarkable Sisters, the Crown of Bohemia, and the Enduring Legacy of Mary, Queen of Scots by Nancy Goldstone. Elizabeth Stuart, wife of Frederick V of the Palatinate, was forced with her family into exile. She and her daughters faced danger, tragic loss, and betrayal.

The Letters of Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of Bohemia, Volume I edited by Nadine Akkerman. This volume covers Elizabeth's life between 1603 and 1631, including her experiences of marital and court life, showing her slow transformation into an independent stateswoman.

Elisabeth of Bohemia

Princess Elisabeth of Bohemia: The Philosopher Princess by Renée Jeffery. Examines the life and thought of the exiled princes who became one of the most renowned scholars of the 17th century.


The King's Daughter by Christie Dickason. Set in the court of Britain's King James I, this novel tells the story of his daughter Elizabeth, whose love match with Frederick of Bohemia, Elector Palatine, is opposed by her parents.

Elizabeth of Bohemia: A Novel About Elizabeth Stuart, the Winter Queen by David Elias. A fierce and intelligent British princess marries Prince Frederic of the Palatinate. They become king and queen of Bohemia, but their reign is brief.

The Winter Queen by Jane Stevenson. Novel, set in 17th century Holland, in which Elizabeth of Bohemia secretly marries an African prince. First book in a trilogy.

The Shadow King by Jane Stevenson. This sequel to The Winter Queen tells the story of Balthasar Stuart, the child of Queen Elizabeth of Bohemia and her secret husband Pelagius, an African prince.

The Empress of the Last Days by Jane Stevenson. Third book in the trilogy. A group of modern scholars discover that the true queen of England may be a young scientist who is the last living descendant of a black prince, Pelagius, and Queen Elizabeth of Bohemia.

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Sophia of Hanover

Sophia, Mother of Kings: The Finest Queen Britain Never Had by Catherine Curzon. Daughter of Frederick V of the Palatinate and Elizabeth Stuart, Sophia married Ernest Augustus, elector of Hanover. She became heir to the British thrones, and was the mother of King George I.

Sophia of Hanover: Mother of George I and Ancestor of the House of Windsor by Josephine Duggan. Sophia, Electress of Hanover (1630-1714) was a gifted writer. Josephine Duggan has translated Sophia's memoir and thousands of letters. Topics include international gossip, Sophia's family life, and more.


The Correspondence Between Princess Elisabeth of Bohemia and Rene Descartes translated by Lisa Shapiro. Between 1643 and 1649, Princess Elisabeth of Bohemia (daughter of Frederick V) and René Descartes exchanged 58 letters discussing metaphysics and philosophy. This book also includes Elisabeth's correspondence with the Quakers William Penn and Robert Barclay.

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Iron Kingdom: The Rise and Downfall of Prussia, 1600-1947 by Christopher Clark. With its capital in Berlin, Prussia grew from a small medieval state into one of the most powerful nations in Europe.

The Secrets of the Notebook: A Woman's Quest to Uncover Her Royal Family Secret by Eve Haas. Obsessed with proving that she was descended from a Prussia princess, the author unearthed a love story set against the upheaval of the Napoleonic wars.

Frederick the Great

Frederick the Great: The Magnificent Enigma by Robert Asprey. A cradle-to-the-grave biography of the ruler who raised the small kingdom of Prussia to major power status in the turbulent 18th century.

Frederick the Great: King of Prussia by Tim Blanning. Biography of the legendary autocrat whose enlightened rule transformed the map of Europe and changed the course of history.

Frederick the Great: King of Prussia by David Fraser. Biography of the soldier-king who changed the face of Europe.

Frederick the Great: A Life in Deed and Letters by Giles MacDonogh. Raised by a brutal father, Frederick remained true to himself.

Frederick the Great by Nancy Mitford. Biography of Prussian king Frederick II (1712-1786), who successfully defended his tiny country against France, Austria, and Russia.

Frederick the Great and the Seven Years' War, 1756-1763 by Herbert J. Redman. The Seven Years' War, known as the French and Indian War in North America, was the first world war.

The King's Love: Frederick the Great, His Gentle Dogs and Other Passions by Sibylle, Princess of Prussia and Frederick William, Prince of Prussia. This biography highlights Frederick III's relationships, interests, and quirks.

Frederick the Great: A Historical Profile by Gerhard Ritter, translated by Peter Paret. Biography.

Evening in the Palace of Reason: Bach Meets Frederick the Great in the Age of Enlightenment by James R. Gaines. About Frederick's brief conflict with composer Johann Sebastian Bach.


Frederick the Great's Philosophical Writings edited by Avi Lifschitz, translated by Angela Scholar. Includes the Anti-Machiavel as well as other essays, prefaces, reviews, and dialogues.

Frederick the Great on the Art of War by Frederick the Great, edited by Jay Luvaas. A selection of Frederick the Great's writings on military matters.


Saxony in German History by James Retallack and Hartmut Zwahr. Culture, society, and politics, 1830-1933.


The Feud in Early Modern Germany by Hillay Zmora. Feuding amongst noblemen and princes was widely accepted in early modern Germany. This book examines the violence in its social context.

Monarchy, Myth, and Material Culture in Germany 1750-1950 by Eva Giloi. How ordinary German subjects incorporated the monarchy into their daily lives through relics and royal memorabilia.

Kaspar Hauser: Europe's Child by Martin Kitchen. Kaspar Hauser was a teenager who appeared in Nuremberg, Germany in 1828. He was barely able to speak, and ate only bread and water. He claimed that he had been imprisoned in a tiny dark cell for most of his life. His supporters believed he was the rightful heir of the royal house of Baden. He was stabbed to death under mysterious circumstances in 1833.

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