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Roman Emperor Julian

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Books About Julian

The Last Pagan: Julian the Apostate and the Death of the Ancient World by Adrian Murdoch. The emperor Julian (332-363) had an aristocratic Christian upbringing, but later attempted to establish paganism as the faith of the Roman world.

Julian the Apostate by G. W. Bowersock. A compact assessment of the Apostate's life and reign.

Julian the Apostate by Shaun Tougher. Julian sharply divided opinion among his contemporaries. Was he the prospective saviour of the Roman Empire, or out-of-touch and living in the past? Was he a shrewd military man or a rash risk-taker?

The Last Pagan Emperor: Julian the Apostate & the War Against Christianity by H. C. Teitler. Born in 331 or 332, Julian was raised as a Christian, but during his short reign as Roman emperor he tried to revive paganism.

The Specter of the Jews: Emperor Julian and the Rhetoric of Ethnicity in Syrian Antioch by Ari Finkelstein. Examines 4th century Roman emperor Julian's views on Jews, whose religious practices would help shape a new imperial pagan identity.


Julian's Gods by Rowland Smith. The emperor's surviving speeches and treatises, satires and letters show him as a highly educated man, an avid student of Greek philosophy, and a talented author in his own right.

Emperor and Author: The Writings of Julian 'the Apostate' edited by Nicholas J. Baker-Brian and Shaun Tougher. Collection of papers on Julian (r. AD 361-363), the last pagan emperor of Rome, noted for his challenge to Christianity.

Sons of Hellenism, Fathers of the Church by Susanna Elm. Compares the writings of Julian, the last non-Christian Roman Emperor, and his most outspoken critic, Bishop Gregory of Nazianzus, a central figure of Christianity.

Julian in Fiction

Gods and Legions: A Novel of the Roman Empire by Michael Curtis Ford. Novel about the 4th century Roman emperor Julian the Apostate, told from the viewpoint of his doctor.

Julian: A Novel by Gore Vidal. A military genius on the level of Julius Caesar, essayis, and philosopher Julian became embroiled in a fierce intellectual war with Christianity that provoked his murder only four years into his brilliantly humane reign.

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