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Byzantine Empresses

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Books About Byzantine Empresses

Byzantine Empresses: Women and Power in Byzantium, AD 527-1204 by Lynda Garland. Biographical portraits of the most significant Byzantine women who ruled or shared the throne between 527 and 1204.

Women in Purple: Rulers of Medieval Byzantium by Judith Herrin. Evokes the complex and deeply religious world of Constantinople -- its monuments and palaces, its court ceremonies and rituals, the special role of eunuchs, the bride-shows and elaborate wedding ceremonies, the fanatical monks and warring patriarchs, sudden exile, assassination, and murder.

Representations of Early Byzantine Empresses: Image and Empire by Anne L. McClanan. Considers the cultural significance of images of empresses in the fifth through seventh centuries AD.

The Empress Theophano: Byzantium and the West at the Turn of the First Millennium edited by Adelbert Davids. The Byzantine princess Theophano married Holy Roman Emperor Otto II in the 10th century. This book includes essays on Theophano's education, surroundings, and the image of noble women in the Middle Ages.

Books About Byzantine Women

Women of Byzantium by Caroly L. Connor. The lives, occupations, beliefs, and social roles of Byzantine women.

Byzantine Women: Varieties of Experience 800-1200 edited by Lynda Garland. Essays on women's dress, their participation in street life and entertainment at imperial court, and more.

Byzantine Women and Their World by Ioli Kalavrezou. Featuring nearly 200 works of art, the volume illustrates how women in Byzantium were represented in both material and literary culture, and explores their lives throughout the era.

Women, Men, and Eunuchs: Gender in Byzantium edited by Liz James. The contributors use evidence from written documents and artwork to offer a picture of women in Byzantine society.

Women and Religious Life in Byzantium by Mary-Alice Talbot.

Books About Empress Theodora
More Books About the Byzantine Empire

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