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Suleiman the Magnificent

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Books About Suleiman I

Suleiman the Magnificent: The Man, His Life, His Epoch by Andre Clot, translated by John Howe. A biography of the great Ottoman sultan Suleyman I, who ruled from 1520 to 1566.

Defenders of the Faith: Charles V, Suleyman the Magnificent, and the Battle for Europe, 1520-1536 by James Reston Jr. Holy Roman Emperor Charles V and Turkish sultan Suleyman the Magnificent were remarkably similar. Their epic clash ended the Renaissance.

Suleiman the Magnificent: Scourge of Heaven by Antony Bridge. An account of the sultan's impact on Christian Europe from 1520 to the 1560s.

The Lion House by Christopher de Bellaigue. Fictionalized account of the court of 16th century Ottoman sultan Suleyman the Magnificent.

His Wife Roxelana (Hürrem)

Empress of the East: How a European Slave Girl Became Queen of the Ottoman Empire by Leslie Peirce. A Christian slave girl, Roxelana was brought to the harem of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent, who freed and married her.

Roxolana in European Literature, History and Culture edited by Galina I. Yermolenko. The first book-length scholarly study of the significance of Roxolana, the Ukrainian harem slave who became the legal wife and advisor of Suleiman the Magnificent.

Books About Ottoman Harems

Age of Suleiman I

Suleyman the Magnificent by J. M. Rogers and R. M. Ward. This catalogue includes over 160 treasures from the British Museum and the Turkish national collections, demonstrating Suleyman's magnificence in the eyes of his successors, for whom his reign appeared a truly golden age.

The Age of Suleyman the Magnificent by Esin Atil. Catalogue of an exhibition at The National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC.

More Books About the Ottoman Empire

Architecture of Suleiman's Era

Sinan: Architect of Suleyman the Magnificent and the Ottoman Golden Age by John Freely, photographs by Ara Guler. This book is expensive.

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Novels About Suleiman I

The Sultan's Harem by Colin Falconer. Novel about Ottoman sultan Suleyman the Magnificent and the women of his vast harem, including Hürrem (Roxelana), a Tartar girl from the Russian steppes, sold into slavery.

Pawn in Frankincense by Dorothy Dunnett. Somewhere within the bejeweled labyrinth of the Ottoman empire, a child is hidden. His father, an exiled Scottish noble, searches for him in Suleiman the Magnificent's court. This is the fourth book in Dunnett's highly-regarded Lymond Chronicles series. The earlier books (not set in Turkey), are The Game of Kings, Queens' Play, and The Disorderly Knights.

Dawn of the Beloved by Louis Gardel. A novel of Suleyman the Magnificent and the rise of the Ottoman Empire.

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Children's Books About Suleyman I

Suleyman the Magnificent and the Ottoman Empire by Miriam Greenblatt. Biography of 16th century Turkish sultan Suleyman I, for children ages 9 to 12.

More Children's Books About Turkey


These movies and documentaries are formatted for North American audiences.

Suleyman the Magnificent. This documentary explores the political, social and cultural background of the Ottoman Empire, focusing on the reign of Sultan Suleyman (1520-1566) under whose auspices the empire spread to Asia, Europe, and Africa. Shot on location in Istanbul, Edirne, and the Turkish countryside. Sometimes available from Amazon.

Videos & DVDs About Ottoman Harems
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