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Royal History


The short life and mysterious death of King Tut, the story of Cleopatra; the royal history of Ethiopia and the life of its last emperor; royalty in Botswana, Ghana, Lesotho, Madagascar, Mali, Morocco, and Nubia; and more about Royalty in Africa, past and present.


Did you know Hawaii is the only U.S. state that was once a kingdom with its own monarchy? Read about Hawaiian Royal History; plus learn about Royalty in Brazil and more about Royalty in the Americas.


The truth about Anna and the King of Siam, and more about Asian Royalty.

Chinese Royal History

Learn about the First Emperor, who built the Great Wall and was buried with the famous army of terra-cotta warriors; Tzu Hsi, who rose from concubine to empress; the last emperor, P'u Yi; and the rest of China's imperial history.


The turbulent life of Alexander the Great; the Kings of Ancient Rome and the lives of Julius Caesar and other Roman emperors; Good King Wenceslas; the horrifying story of The Real Prince Dracula; the misadventures of Mary, Queen of Scots and Bonnie Prince Charlie; the mystery of Anastasia and Anna Anderson... and more about Royalty in Europe.

British Royal History

English Royal History; Queen Boadicea; the Anglo-Saxons, King Alfred the Great; Eleanor of Aquitaine; the Tudors; the Stuarts; the Hanoverians, the madness of King George III, the scandalous behavior of Bad Queen Caroline, the lives of Queen Victoria and her family; Jack the Ripper; the Windsors; plus Scottish Royal History and Welsh Royal History.

French Royal History

Louis XIV, The Man in the Iron Mask, the mistakes and misfortune of Marie Antoinette, and many books about the life and career of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Ireland's Royal History

King Niall of the Nine Hostages, who kidnapped Saint Patrick; Brian Boru, who fought the Vikings, and other colorful figures from Irish history.

Scandinavian Royal History

The Vikings, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and more.

The Middle East

The history of Iraq, including ancient Sumer; Israel's Royal History; and more about Royalty in the Middle East.


Books and links about Royalty in Oceania.

Great Empires

The Roman Empire; the empire of Attila the Hun; the Frankish Empire and Charlemagne; the Byzantine Empire, and the Ottoman Empire.

Royal Legends

The Trojan War in history and myth; the legendary life of Hercules.

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Books About World Royalty

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Monarchies and Dynasties

Ancient Dynasties: The Families That Ruled the Classical World, Circa 1000 BC to AD 750 by John D. Grainger. A study of the ruling families of the ancient world known to the Greeks and Romans. Includes genealogical tables.

Monarchies, 1000-2000 by W. M. Spellman. A global and comparative analysis.

Dynasties: A Global History of Power, 1300-1800 by Jeroen Duindam. Charts the rise and fall of dynasties, from European, African, Mughal, Ming-Qing and Safavid dynasties to the Ottoman Empire, Tokugawa Japan and Choson Korea.

In the Shadow of the Gods: The Emperor in World History by Dominic Lieven. An account of the people who led empires through the centuries and around the world.

The Creation of Inequality by Kent Flannery and Joyce Marcus. How our prehistoric ancestors set the stage for monarchy, slavery, and empire.

World History

The Penguin History of the World by J. M. Roberts. From early civilizations to the computer age and beyond, this acclaimed book offers a sweeping look at world history. Includes 90 maps.

Oxford Atlas of World History: Concise Edition edited by Patrick K. O'Brien. From the origins of humanity to the year 2000.

The Sea & Civilization: A Maritime History of the World by Lincoln Paine. How goods, languages, religions, and cultures spread across and along the world's waterways.

Ignorance Is Blitz compiled by Anders Henriksson. Need a laugh? Check out this very funny book, which covers world history through the eyes of befuddled college students, from prehistoricle times to the Age of Now. Get the inside scoop on Noah's wife Joan of Ark, Caesar's death on the Yikes of March, Archduke Ferdinand's assignation, and more! (Originally published under the title Non Campus Mentis.)

Scandal, Mystery, Folly

A Treasury of Royal Scandals by Michael Farquhar. The shocking true stories of history's wickedest, weirdest, most wanton kings, queens, tsars, popes, and emperors.

Napoleon's Privates: 2,500 Years of History Unzipped by Tony Perrottet. The theft of Napoleon's private parts after his death and similar historical mysteries.

The March of Folly by Barbara W. Tuchman. Four turning points in history that illustrate the heights of folly, including the Trojan War and the loss of the American colonies by Britain's George III.

Books About European Royal Scandals
Books About British Royal Scandals

World Royalty by Region

Books About African Royalty
Books About American Royalty
Books About Asian Royalty
Books About European Royalty
Books About Middle Eastern Royalty
Books About Oceanian Royalty
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Power and Politics

Kingship: The Politics of Enchantment by Francis Oakley. The history of kingship from around 8,000 BC to the modern industrial world, including pharaohs of Egypt, emperors of Japan, Maya rulers, medieval popes and emperors, and early modern English and French monarchs.

Kings or People: Power and the Mandate to Rule by Reinhard Bendix explores the role of royal prerogative in history.

Every Inch a King: Comparative Studies on Kings and Kingship in the Ancient and Medieval Worlds edited by Lynette Mitchell and Charles Melville. Studies of kingly power, from Cyrus the Great and Alexander in the ancient world to Shah Abbas in the 17th century. Covers the European Middle Ages, Iran, and the Muslim world.

Universal Empire: A Comparative Approach to Imperial Culture and Representation in Eurasian History edited by Peter Fibiger Bang and Dariusz Kolodziejczyk. Traces the claim by certain rulers to universal empire in classical antiquity, the Islamic world, Asia and Central America, and 17th and 18th century Europe.

Projecting Imperial Power: New Nineteenth Century Emperors and the Public Sphere by Helen Watanabe-O'Kelly. In their courts, costumes, town planning, and more, newly proclaimed emperors of France, Mexico, Brazil, India and other places mixed ancient history and modernity.

In the King's Shadow by Philip Manow. How medieval ideas about kingship have influenced modern representative democracy.

Transnational Histories of the 'Royal Nation' edited by Milinda Banerjee, Charlotte Backerra, abd Cathleen Sarti. This book argues that modern monarchies have been at the center of nation-construction in Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America.

Tiaras and Jewels

Books About Royal Tiaras & Jewels
Books About Imperial Jeweler Faberge

Royal Courts Around the World

The Court and Court Society in Ancient Monarchies by A. J. S. Spawforth. Examines Achaemenid and Sassanian Persia, the empire of Alexander, Rome under the Caesars, the Han rulers of China, and Egypt's Eighteenth Dynasty.

Royal Courts in Dynastic States and Empires: A Global Perspective edited by Jeroen Duindam, Tülay Artan and Metin Kunt. Research on royal courts from antiquity to the modern world, from Asia to Europe, including architecture, staff organization, and the relationship of the ruler with relatives and other elites.

The Royal Hunt in Eurasian History by Thomas T. Allsen. From antiquity to the 19th century, in the Middle East, India, Central Asia, and China, royal hunts functioned as inspection tours and imperial progresses.

Fools Are Everywhere: The Court Jester Around the World by Beatrice K. Otto. Court jesters were everywhere, from ancient China and Mogul India to medieval Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas. This book highlights little-known jesters and their humanizing influence on powerful people.

Charlemagne's Tablecloth: A Piquant History of Feasting by Nichola Fletcher. This exploration of history's great feasting tables answers riddles such as "Why did Charlemagne use an asbestos tablecloth at his feasts?"

Feast: A History of Grand Eating by Roy Strong. From ancient empires and their revels to the banqueting customs of the early 20th century.

Books About European Courts
Books About English Royalty & Courts


Postcards of Lost Royals by Bodleian Library. Postcards depicting royals from around the world who lost their titles in the early 20th century. Includes the Balkans, the Iberian Peninsula, Ethiopia, Korea, Russia, and Germany.

Postcards of Nursing: A Worldwide Tribute by Michael Zwerdling. More than 580 full-color images from postcards depicting nurses from the 1890s to the present. Includes 20 pages of portraits of royal nurses and nursing patrons (mostly European) along with informative notes about the role played by royalty in the history of postcards and nursing.

Royal Life

Royal Weddings edited by Friederike Haedecke and Julia Melchior. A look at royal weddings in such countries as Sweden, Japan, and Spain. Includes color and black-and-white illustrations. Text in English and German.

Dining With the Rich and Royal by Fiona Ross. Find out the effect of too many fairy feasts on Ludwig of Bavaria; how Hirohito and Ibn Saud tasted East-Meets-West diplomacy; and if a raspberry soufflé won Mrs. Simpson a king's heart. Includes recipes.

Royal Style: A History of Aristocratic Fashion Icons by Luise Wackerl. From shoe aficionado Louis XIV to Kate Middleton, this is an overview of royal fashion trends. Includes Marie Antoinette, Empresses Sisi of Austria and Eugenie of France, Wallis Simpson, Grace Kelly, Princess Diana, Jordan's Queen Rania, and Princess Letizia of Spain.

When Cats Reigned Like Kings: On the Trail of the Sacred Cats by Georgie Anne Geyer. The history of human-feline relations and cats' exalted status among the ancients as royal or sacred beings.

Royal Dates With Destiny by Robert Easton. Short vignettes describing the deaths of the world's most powerful people, presented in calendar form with at least one entry for each day of the year.

Love Letters of Kings and Queens by Daniel Smith. Includes Henry VIII's notes to Anne Boleyn and Edward VIII's correspondence with Wallis Simpson.

Rock and Royalty by Gianni Versace. Includes images of royalty through history, including Queen Victoria, Empress Catherine of Russia, and a young Queen Elizabeth II. Royalties benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation.


Napoleon Wasn't Short (& St Patrick Wasn't Irish): When History Gets It Wrong by Andrea Barham. A lighthearted look at the myths, fabrications, and ambiguities found in the annals of world history.

Napoleon's Hemorrhoids: And Other Small Events That Changed History by Phil Mason. Anecdotes about the tiny ripples that created big waves in history.

Royal Events: Rituals, Innovations, Meanings by Jennifer Laing and Warwick Frost. Explores royal events such as coronations and jubilees from pre-modern eras (classical, Byzantine, the Dark Ages and medieval), through early modern dynasties and contemporary times.

The Character of Kingship edited by Declan Quigley. Gives an overview of the anthropology of kingship and the debates about the nature and function of royal ritual.

On Kings by David Graeber & Marshall Sahlins. This collection of essays by two anthropologists explores what kingship actually is, historically and anthropologically.

Royalty's Strangest Tales by Geoff Tibballs. Packed with stories from 2,000 years of history, including secret marriages, royal pickpockets, alleged vampirism, and pigeon-fancying.

The History and Politics of Exhumation: Royal Bodies and Lesser Mortals by Michael L. Nash. Examines well-known cases such as Richard III, the Romanovs, and Tutankhamen alongside the more obscure.

Memorialising Premodern Monarchs: Medias of Commemoration and Remembrance edited by Gabrielle Storey. Spanning ancient India through 18th century Russia, this volume shows how societies commemorated their rulers.


Micronations: The Lonely Planet Guide to Self-Proclaimed Nations by John Ryan. A humorous mock-guidebook to self-proclaimed nations such as Sealand and Hutt River Province, and the quirky characters who've set themselves up as presidents, emperors, and Serene Highnesses. Features color photos, maps, flags, and stamps.

Books About Sealand
Recently Published Royalty Books

For Children & Teens

Kids Who Rule: The Remarkable Lives of Five Child Monarchs by Charis Cotter. Discusses the lives of King Tut; Mary, Queen of Scots; Queen Christina of Sweden; Puyi, the last emperor of China; and the current Dalai Lama of Tibet. Nonfiction for children ages 9 to 12.

World Leaders: People Who Shaped the World by Rob Nagel, edited by Anne Commire. A set of books for middle school children that covers royalty in Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe.

Real-Life Royalty by Starshine Roshell. A look at modern royals from around the world. For children ages 9 to 12.

Lost Kings and Kingdoms by Robyn Hardyman. Offers insights into familiar legends such as Camelot, as well as history of lost kingdoms of Africa, Asia, and the early Americas. For children ages 9 to 12.

Royal Weddings: A Very Peculiar History by Fiona Macdonald. Features black-and-white illustrations, anecdotes, trivia, a timeline, and glossary.

Bad Rulers

Royal Murder: The Deadly Intrigue of Ten Sovereigns by Elizabeth MacLeod. Tells the stories of Cleopatra, Vlad the Impaler, Marie Antoinette, and others. For children ages 9 to 12.

Merciless Monarchs and Ruthless Royalty by Miriam Aronin. Some of history's royal leaders were just as vicious as they were powerful. Learn how they terrorized their enemies, subjects, and family members.

Dictators and Tyrants: Stories of Ruthless Rulers by Michael Burgan, illustrated by Daniel Perez. Nonfiction for children ages 9 to 12.

Books About Monarchy

Monarchy by Jennifer Fandel. This book examines monarchy as a form of government. For children ages 9 to 12.

Monarchy by LeeAnne Gelletly. A look at monarchy as a form of world government. For ages 10 and up.

Monarchy by Xina M. Uhl and Katy Schiel. A guide to the political system of monarchy through history, from ancient Egypt to modern times. For children ages 11 to 14.

Feudalism, Monarchies, and Nobility edited by Jeanne Nagle. This educational book provides a firm grounding in the political, social, and economic implications of rule by monarchy. For teen readers.

Monarchy (Political and Economic Systems) by Richard Tames and David Downing. For young adults.

Real-Life Royalty Series

Real-Life Kings by Karen Latchana Kenney. Simple, accessible text introduces social studies concepts about the duties of kings. For children ages 4 to 7.

Real-Life Queens by Karen Latchana Kenney. Readers follow real-life queens to learn about their lives and responsibilities. For children ages 4 to 7.

Real-Life Princes by Karen Latchana Kenney. Introduces young readers to princes' lives and responsibilities. For children ages 4 to 7.

Real-Life Princesses by Karen Latchana Kenney. Learn the basics about princesses and their duties. For children ages 4 to 7.

Royalty DVDs

The DVDs listed below are formatted for North American audiences.

Royal Families of the World. This three-video set profiles 13 modern-day royal dynasties, including Britain, Monaco, the Austrian Habsburgs, Thailand, Morocco, and Jordan.

More Documentaries & Movies About Royalty

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