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Viewing Embedded Content

NOTE: Sometimes embedded videos or articles load slowly, and all you have to do is wait a minute or so for them to appear. Reloading the page sometimes helps, as well. If that doesn't work, you'll find more tips below.

Some of the articles, videos and photos on this site are being served from other websites such as Storify and YouTube. In order to see this content, you may need to have javascript enabled on the browser of your computer or mobile device.

If you're using a smart phone or other mobile device, here's a list of alternative mobile browsers.

On a PC, most content should be viewable with Firefox, Internet Explorer, and other browsers.

If you're using a javascript-enabled browser and still have trouble viewing content, make sure your browser, anti-virus, firewall, and anti-spyware program(s) aren't blocking ads. Some content is served along with ads, and if you disable the ads, you may not be able to see the content. (Please note that I have no control over the ads served with embedded content.)

If you're using Internet Explorer, you might also need to set Royalty.nu as "trusted site" in order to view all available content. Do this by going to Tools > Internet Options > Security > Trusted Sites > Sites. Enter http://www.royalty.nu in the box and make sure the "Require server verification" option is unchecked.

If you have done all this and still can't view content, try this: Leave the Royalty.nu site, then clear your browser's cache. Then come back to Royalty.nu and see if you can view the content.

It's possible some content is temporarily unavailable due to server problems. If this is the case, the problem usually should clear up in a few hours.

If none of this works, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. I might not be able to help, but I'll try.

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