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Anna of Kleve: The Princess in the Portrait by Alison Weir. A fictional account of the surprising and dramatic life of Anne of Cleves, the least known of King Henry VIII's six wives. Published in May 2019.

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New Royalty Books

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Published in July 2019

British Royal History

Alexander III by Norman H. Reid. Presiding over an age of relative peace and prosperity, Alexander III represented the zenith of Scottish medieval kingship.

Anna, Duchess of Cleves: The King's 'Beloved Sister' by Heather R. Darsie. Looks at Henry VIII's fourth wife as a woman from the Holy Roman Empire, and explores her influence on her step-daughters, Mary and Elizabeth.

William, Duke of Cambridge by Halima Sadat. This brief souvenir biography celebrates the life of Prince William from childhood to fatherhood.

Prince Harry by Katherine White. A short souvenir biography of the playful, kind-hearted prince.

Britain and Japan

British Royal and Imperial Relations, 1868-2018: 150 Years of Association, Engagement and Celebration by Peter Kornicki, Antony Best, and Hugh Cortazzi. The history of relations between the British and Japanese monarchies over 150 years.


Caligula: The Mad Emperor of Rome by Stephen Dando-Collins. Chronicles the palace intrigues that led to Caligula becoming emperor, and details the horrors of his manic reign.

Charles XII: Warrior King by John Hattendorf. Scholars from 12 different countries create a broad perspective on Sweden's King Charles XII and the Great Northern War in European history.

Killing Napoleon: The Plot to Blow Up Bonaparte by Jonathan North. Paris, 1800. An enormous explosion wreaked havoc. The target was Napoleon Bonaparte, who had become the enemy of republicans and royalists alike.


Meet Me in Monaco: A Novel of Grace Kelly's Royal Wedding by Hazel Gaynor and Heather Webb. Princess Grace befriends a perfumer and starts a chain of events that stretches across 30 years.

Children's Books

Princess Diana by Al Berenger. A colorfully illustrated, pocket-size picture book biography for children ages 4 to 7.

Published in June 2019

British Royal History

Edward the Elder: King of the Anglo-Saxons, Forgotten Son of Alfred by Michael John Key. Although largely overlooked, this 10th century king paved the way for unification of English kingdoms.

Richard III: Loyalty Binds Me by Matthew Lewis. This biography explores what is known of Richard's childhood and the impact it had on his personality.

An Audience With Queen Victoria: The Royal Opinion on 30 Famous Victorians by Ian Lloyd. Queen Victoria met everyone from Charlotte Bronte to Buffalo Bill. She had opinions on all who graced her parlor -- and some who didn't.

Arthur: Warrior and King by Don Carleton. According to the author, Arthur was probably an Irish warrior, and Guinevere was his mistress, not his wife.


Emperor: A New Life of Charles V by Geoffrey Parker. This biography explores the decisions that created and preserved Charles's vast empire, and scrutinizes the intimate details of his life for clues to his character.

Queens of Sicily, 1061-1266 by Jacqueline Alio. Biographies of 18 queens consort, regent and regnant of the Norman-Swabian era of the Kingdom of Sicily.

Coloman, King of Galicia and Duke of Slavonia (1208-1241): Medieval Central Europe and Hungarian Power by Márta Font and Gábor Barabás. Coloman ruled over territories that comprise modern-day Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, and Bosnia.

Alfonso X of Castile-León: Royal Patronage, Self-Promotion and Manuscripts in Thirteenth-Century Spain by Kristin Kennedy. Argues that Alfonso preferred to restrict the literary works he commissioned to a courtly audience.

Ancient History

Eurydice and the Birth of Macedonian Power by Elizabeth Donnelly Carney. Biography. Eurydice (c.410-340s BC) was the wife of Amyntas III, the mother of Philip II and two other kings of Macedonia, and grandmother of Alexander the Great.

Alexander the Great From Britain to Southeast Asia: Peripheral Empires in the Global Renaissance by Su Fang Ng. Examines parallel traditions of the Alexander Romance in Britain and Southeast Asia.


Elizabeth of Bohemia: A Novel About Elizabeth Stuart, the Winter Queen by David Elias. A fierce British princess marries Prince Frederic of the Palatinate. They become king and queen of Bohemia, but their reign is brief.

Published in May 2019

Modern British Royalty

Our Rainbow Queen by Sali Hughes. A photographic journey through Queen Elizabeth II's ten decades of color-blocked style.

Harry: Conversations With the Prince by Angela Levin. A look at what Prince Harry is really like, both on and off royal duty, written by a journalist who accompanied him on many royal engagements.

Meghan: The Life and Style of a Modern Royal by Caroline Jones. An illustrated biography that focuses on the Duchess of Sussex as a feminist, influencer, and humanitarian.

British Royal History

The Shadow King: The Life and Death of Henry VI by Lauren Johnson. The tragic story of the king who inherited the crowns of England and France, and lost both.

Anne Boleyn: Adultery, Heresy, Desire by Amy License. Was Henry VIII's second wife a calculating femme fatale? Was her fall a sex scandal or a political coup?

The Young Victoria by Deirdre Murphy. A portrait of Queen Victoria's childhood. It concludes that she was less sad and isolated than is generally thought.

The Song of Simon de Montfort: England's First Revolutionary and the Death of Chivalry by Sophie Thérèse Ambler. In 1258, frustrated by King Henry III's refusal to take the advice of his nobles, Montfort seized the reins of power.

Mercia: The Rise and Fall of a Kingdom by Annie Whitehead. Mercia once enjoyed supremacy over all the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms. This book details the different Mercian tribes and the leading figures in Mercia's history.

Forgotten Royal Women: The King and I by Erin Lawless. From Cartimandua to Maria Fitzherbert, bite-sized biographies tell forgotten tales of women's history.


Maria Romanov, Third Daughter of the Last Tsar: Diaries and Letters, 1908-1918 edited by Helen Azar and George Hawkins. Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna's gentle character and courage made her a pillar of strength for her family.

The Year of Julius and Caesar: 59 BC and the Transformation of the Roman Republic by Stefan G. Chrissanthos. The year 59 was typical until the violent attack orchestrated by Caesar on the consul Bibulus allowed Caesar to take control of the Roman state.

Queen, Mother, and Stateswoman: Mariana of Austria and the Government of Spain by Silvia Z. Mitchell. When Philip IV of Spain died in 1665, his heir, Carlos II, was three years old. This book is an account of his mother's ten-year regency and her subsequent role as queen mother.


Mansa Musa I, King of Kings: The Great Pilgrimage of an African King From Africa to Arabia, 1324-1325 by Jean-Louis Roy. The story of the young king of Mali who undertook a pilgrimage to Mecca with a retinue of 12,000 men.

Sethy I, King of Egypt: His Life and Afterlife by Aidan Dodson. This illustrated book tells the story of Seti's career and monuments, and the impact of his legacy.


Empress of the Taj: In Search of Mumtaz Mahal by Timeri N. Murari. Combines travel-writing and history with storytelling to create a portrait of Mumtaz Mahal, in whose memory Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal.


The Summer Queen by Margaret Pemberton. Historical novel about Mary of Teck. In 1879 she meets Nicky, heir to the Russian throne, and Willy, future kaiser of Germany. Her life will never be the same.

The China Bride by Amanda Nairn. Retells the mythical story of the marriage of a Ming princess to the Sultan of Melaka (in Malaysia) in 1474. This is the first book in a planned trilogy.

Children's Books

The Queen's Castle at Windsor: Fortress, Palace, Home by Elizabeth Newbery. This activity book reveals the secrets of the world's oldest inhabited castle and the monarchs who have lived there. For ages 7 to 11.

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