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Step Aside for Royalty: Treasured Memories of the Royal Household by Eileen Parker. A memoir about the early years of Queen Elizabeth II's marriage, written by the wife of Prince Philip's first personal secretary. This is an abridged edition; the original version of the book (now very expensive) was published in 1982.

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New Royalty Books

Unless otherwise noted, these books are for sale at Amazon.com. The publication dates given are based on U.S. publishing schedules, unless stated otherwise, and are subject to change. Your purchase through these links will result in a commission for the owner of the Royalty.nu site.

Published in January 2018


The Queen: The Life and Times of Elizabeth II by Catherine Ryan. A biography of one of the most famous women of modern times.

James I: The Phoenix King by Thomas Cogswell. A biography that presents James as a complex, learned, curious man and a great survivor.

George I: The Lucky King by Tim Blanning. This short biography examines George's career as a German prince and British king. Disagreeable to many, he was also tough, determined, and effective.


Henry III: The Great King England Never Knew It Had by Darren Baker. Henry III is dismissed by scholars as weak and inept, but this biography shows that he was a more than capable ruler.

The Lost Kings: Lancaster, York & Tudor by Amy License. Examines the lives of ten kings and potential kings who died young, changing the course of history.

England in the Age of Chivalry... and Awful Diseases: The Hundred Years' War and Black Death by Ed West. Covers the violent period between 1272 to 1399. Central to this time is King Edward III, whose legacy continues to shape our view of England's history.


Cnut: The North Sea King by Ryan Lavelle. Biography of the Dane who became king of England in the 11th century.

The Emperor and the Peasant: Two Men at the Start of the Great War and the End of the Habsburg Empire by Kenneth Janda. Juxtaposes the experiences of Franz Joseph I, emperor of Austria-Hungary, and Samuel Mozolak, a Slovak laborer.


Royalty's Strangest Tales by Geoff Tibballs. Packed with stories from 2,000 years of history, including secret marriages, royal pickpockets, alleged vampirism, and pigeon-fancying.

Our Beloved Kin: A New History of King Philip's War by Lisa Brooks. Tells the story of Weetamoo, a female Wampanoag (Native American) leader, who participated in the fight against English colonists known as King Philip's War.

For Children and Teens

Bad Princess: True Tales From Behind the Tiara by Kris Waldherr. From the war-torn Dark Ages to Kate Middleton, this book explores true princess stories. For ages 9 to 12.

Genghis Khan: Creating the Mongol Empire by Barbara M. Linde. Biography for ages 12 to 15.

Published in December 2017

British Royalty

The Crown: Truth & Fiction by Hugo Vickers. This short book identifies a number of mistakes in the Netflix series "The Crown" and criticizes its portrayal of Prince Philip as a villain.

Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scots by Sarah-Beth Watkins. The life of King Henry VIII's older sister, who became the queen of Scotland after her marriage to James IV.

Mary Queen of Scots' Downfall by Robert Stedall. This biography reexamines the life and murder of Mary's husband Henry, Lord Darnley.

The Life of Henrietta Anne, Daughter of Charles I by Melanie Clegg. Married to the brother of France's Louis XIV, Henriette Anne became embroiled in scandals, but she possessed considerable intelligence and political acumen.

Edward IV: Glorious Son of York by Jeffrey James. This book covers Edward's family background and his struggle to gain and retain the kingship of England. New paperback edition.


Imperial Crimea: Estates, Enchantments and the Last of the Romanovs by Coryne Hall, Greg King, Penny Wilson, & Sue Woolmans. Takes readers on a turn-of-the-century tour through the eyes of tourists, exploring the palaces dotting the edge of the Black Sea.

The End of the German Monarchy: The Decline and Fall of the Hohenzollerns by John Van der Kiste. Provides a full analysis of German emperor Wilhelm II's family heritage and his leading part in Prussian militarism, and describes his abdication and escape to the Netherlands.

Premodern Rulership and Contemporary Political Power: The King's Body Never Dies edited by Karolina Mroziewicz and Aleksander Sroczynski. In the medieval period, the monarch was seen as the embodiment of his kingdom, the body politic. This book offers 13 case studies from premodern and contemporary Europe on how bodies politic were, and continue to be, constructed and challenged.

Julius Caesar

Caesar's Footprints - A Cultural Excursion to Ancient France: Journeys Through Roman Gaul by Bijan Omrani. How Caesar's conquest of Gaul changed the course of French culture, forever transforming Europe.

The Cambridge Companion to the Writings of Julius Caesar edited by Luca Grillo and Christopher B. Krebs. An accessible introduction to Caesar as an intellectual along with a scholarly assessment of his literary accomplishments.


Royal Events: Rituals, Innovations, Meanings by Jennifer Laing and Warwick Frost. Explores royal events such as coronations and jubilees from pre-modern eras (classical, Byzantine, the Dark Ages and medieval), through early modern dynasties and contemporary times.

The Hellenistic Court: Monarchic Power and Elite Society From Alexander to Cleopatra edited by Andrew Erskine, Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones, and Shane Wallace. Surrounded by courtiers of varying loyalty, Hellenistic royal families played roles in a theatre of spectacle and ceremony.

Godfrey of Bouillon: Duke of Lower Lotharingia, Ruler of Latin Jerusalem, c. 1060-1100 by Simon John. Examines Godfrey's involvement in the First Crusade in the light of the careers of his ancestors and his own activities in Lotharingia.


The Macedonian by Nicolas Guild. A fictional account of the life of Philip of Macedon, the father of Alexander the Great, who conquered an unprecedented number of city-states.

Victoria & Abdul by Lee Hall. This is the screenplay of the Judi Dench movie about Queen Victoria and her manservant. If you're looking for the nonfiction book of the same name, click here.

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