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Love, Madness, and Scandal: The Life of Frances Coke Villiers, Viscountess Purbeck by Johanna Luthman. A political pawn at the court of Britain's King James VI and I, Frances's life included kidnappings, an illegitimate child, accusations of black magic, imprisonments, disappearances, a jail-break, royal fury, and more. Published in August 2017.

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New Royalty Books

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Published in August 2017


Saxons vs. Vikings: Alfred the Great and England in the Dark Ages by Ed West. In 871, three of England's four kingdoms were overrun by Vikings. Yet within a decade, Alfred the Great drove them out of half of England.

1066 and Before All That: The Battle of Hastings, Anglo-Saxon and Norman England by Ed West. Explains how the disastrous Battle of Hastings changed England and the English forever.

Alfred the Great by Daniel Anlezark. A reassessment of the famous ruler of Wessex, both as a man and as a legendary construct.

The Warrior Queen: The Life and Legend of Aethelflaed, Daughter of Alfred the Great by Joanna Arman. A skilled diplomat, Æthelflæd was willing to resort to deception and force to maintain her power. Yet she also used poetic tradition and written history to shape her reputation as a Christian maiden struggling against the heathen foe.


Rebellion in the Reign of Charles II by Julian Whitehead. King Charles survived plots and rebellions with a mixture of guile, espionage, propaganda, covert operations and military oppression.

Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobites by David Forsyth. Produced for an exhibition, this book includes photos of objects and paintings associated with Bonnie Prince Charlie, along with specially commissioned essays.

Remembering Diana: A Life in Photographs from National Geographic. Includes more than 100 images of Diana and reflections from those who knew her best.


Margaret, Queen of Sicily by Jacqueline Alio. For five years during the 12th century, Margaret of Navarre was the most powerful woman in Europe and the Mediterranean. This biography includes maps and genealogical tables.

Dracula by Matei Cazacu, translated by Nicole Mordarski and others. A scholarly biography of the Wallachian prince Vlad III the Impaler.

Colonization, Piracy, and Trade in Early Modern Europe: The Roles of Powerful Women and Queens edited by Estelle Paranque, Nate Probasco, and Claire Jowitt. Essays examining the international influence of female rulers from 1450 through 1700, including Queen Elizabeth I and Catherine de Medici.

Louis XIV by Richard Wilkinson. This biography focuses on the French king's personal life and argues that his rule resulted in the suffering of millions. New paperback edition.

The Kingdom of Rus' by Christian Raffensperger. Deeply integrated with medieval Europe, in the 11th and 12th centuries Rus' was the largest kingdom in Christendom.

South Africa

The Assassination of King Shaka: Zulu History's Dramatic Moment by John Laband. Why did prominent members of the royal house conspire to kill King Shaka? This book is based on Zulu oral testimony and other evidence.

African Perspectives of King Dingane kaSenzangakhona: The Second Monarch of the Zulu Kingdom by Sifiso Mxolisi Ndlovu. Examines the active role played by Africans in the pre-colonial production of historical knowledge in South Africa.


The Last Tudor by Philippa Gregory. Lady Jane Grey and her two sisters, Katherine and Mary, face the consequences when they dare to defy their queens.

Children's Books

Kate Middleton: Duchess of Cambridge by Portia Summers. Learn about Catherine's life and the issues that are important to her. Easy-to-follow text is supported by full-color photos and quotes from the Duchess. For readers ages 7 to 10.

Published in July 2017

British Royalty

Edward VII: The Prince of Wales and the Women He Loved by Catharine Arnold. Biography of Queen Victoria's son "Bertie." While the scandals resulting from his love affairs were a blight on the royal family, he became a surprisingly modern monarch.

Royal Teas: Seasonal Recipes From Buckingham Palace by Mark Flanagan. A British royal chef shares recipes for tea-time treats, including sweet and savory pastries, cookies, and show-stopping cakes.

(Un)making the Monarchy edited by Anette Pankratz and Claus-Ulrich Viol. Essays about the ways the monarchy has been legitimized in British culture.


Gender and Politics in Eighteenth-Century Sweden: Queen Louisa Ulrika (1720-1782) by Elise M. Dermineur. The life and political role of Prussian princess who married King Adolf Frederick of Sweden.

The Wandering Princess: Princess Hélène of France, Duchess of Aosta (1871-1951) by Edward Hanson. Great grand-daughter of French king Louis Philippe I, Helene married into the royal family of Italy. She became a big-game hunter, explorer, travel writer, and head of the Italian Red Cross nurses during the First World War.

Versailles: The Great and Hidden Splendours of the Sun King's Palace by Catherine Pegard and Christopher Fouin. The Palace's official photographers open their personal albums to offer 250 previously unpublished photographs.

The Greek Civil War: Strategy, Counterinsurgency and the Monarchy by Spyridon Plakoudas. How government forces countered the communist insurgency.


The Rhetoric of Emperor Hirohito by Takeshi Suzuki. Investigates the wartime role of Japanese emperor Hirohito and changes to the Emperor System.

Sargon II, King of Assyria by Josette Elayi. This biography of the Assyrian king addresses his role in the disappearance of the kingdom of Israel and how he enlarged the borders of the Assyrian Empire. Includes maps.

Prevail: The Inspiring Story of Ethiopia's Victory Over Mussolini's Invasion, 1935-1941 by Jeff Pearce. In 1935, Italy invaded Ethiopia. But Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie, his soldiers, and the world said no. Includes never-before-seen photos. (New paperback edition.)

Queen of the Conversas by Emily Colbert Cairns. Explores Queen Esther as an idealized woman in Iberia, as well as a Jewish heroine for conversos in the Sephardic Diaspora in the 16th and 17th centuries.


The Emperor's Barber by Graham Wade. Fictional account of a Turkish barber who becomes the confidant of Catherine the Great's insane son, Russian tsar Paul I.

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