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Four Princes: Henry VIII, Francis I, Charles V, Suleiman the Magnificent and the Obsessions That Forged Modern Europe by John Julius Norwich. This book looks at Europe and the Middle East in the early 16th century, and four legendary rulers who towered over the era. Published in April 2017.

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New Royalty Books

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Published in May 2017


The Complete King Arthur: Many Faces, One Hero by John and Caitlin Matthews. Examines the evidence for every major theory about the existence of King Arthur, drawing on modern archaeology and scholarship.

Henry III: The Son of Magna Carta by Matthew Lewis. At the age of nearly nine, Henry was handed a monarchy in peril. As he grew into adulthood, he wrenched power from men who had held it for years. Later he was imprisoned and again had to fight for his kingdom.

The Private Life of Edward IV by John Ashdown-Hill. A study of the complex web of stories around the king's alleged sexual relationships and offspring.

The Prince Who Would Be King: The Life and Death of Henry Stuart by Sarah Fraser. Eldest son to James VI and I, Henry Stuart died at age 18. If he had lived, he might have saved Britain from the Civil War.


Julius Caesar by T. P. Wiseman. How Caesar changed the world by starting the transformation of the Roman republic into a quasi-monarchy.

Maximinus Thrax: From Common Soldier to Emperor of Rome by Paul N. Pearson. More than seven feet tall, Maximinus became emperor in a military coup.


Sovereign Women in a Muslim Kingdom: The Sultanahs of Aceh, 1641-1699 by Sher Banu A. L. Khan. How the rule of the sultanahs of Indonesia's Aceh region was legitimized by both Islam and adat (indigenous customary laws).

Sargon II, King of Assyria by Josette Elayi. This biography of the Assyrian king addresses his role in the disappearance of the kingdom of Israel and how he enlarged the borders of the Assyrian Empire. Includes maps.

Raising Royalty: 1000 Years of Royal Parenting by Carolyn Harris. How European royal parents dealt with raising their children, from keeping Vikings at bay to fending off paparazzi.

Transnational Histories of the 'Royal Nation' edited by Milinda Banerjee, Charlotte Backerra, abd Cathleen Sarti. This book argues that modern monarchies have been at the center of nation-construction in Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America.


Anne Boleyn: A King's Obsession by Alison Weir. A novel that presents Henry VIII's second wife as a scholarly young woman who can't resist the tempations of power.

Published in April 2017

British Royalty

Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life by Sally Bedell Smith. A biography based on hundreds of interviews with palace officials, former girlfriends, spiritual gurus, and more, some speaking on the record for the first time.

King Cnut and the Viking Conquest of England, 1016 by W. B. Bartlett. Danish prince Cnut and his equally ruthless English opponent, King Edmund Ironside, fought a war of terrifying violence that scarred much of England.

Joan, the Fair Maid of Kent: A Fourteenth-Century Princess and Her World by Anthony Goodman. Notorious for her scandalous marriages, Joan of Kent was the mother of England's King Richard II.

The Rise and Fall of Owain Glyn Dwr by Gideon Brough. England, France and the Welsh rebellion in the late Middle Ages.

Tudors and Stuarts

Catherine of Aragon: An Intimate Life of Henry VIII's True Wife by Amy License. Biography of the highly educated queen who was her father's ambassador, her husband's adviser, and England's regent when it won its greatest victory over the Scots.

So High a Blood: The Story of Margaret Douglas, the Tudor That Time Forgot by Morgan Ring. Niece to Henry VIII, heir to the throne, spy-mistress, and ambitious political player, Margaret held a unique position at the Tudor court for nearly 50 years.

Anne Boleyn in London by Lissa Chapman. Looks at the effect the city of London and its people had on the course of Anne Boleyn's life and death.

Young and Damned and Fair: The Life of Catherine Howard, Fifth Wife of King Henry VIII by Gareth Russell. This biography examines Catherine Howard's motives and shows her in the context of the servants who conspired against her.

Edward Seymour, Lord Protector: Tudor King in All But Name by Margaret Scard. On the accession of boy king Edward VI to the throne, his uncle Edward Seymour became the most powerful man in England, but to his fellow councillors he was a traitor.

Catherine of Braganza: Charles II's Restoration Queen by Sarah-Beth Watkins. Catherine of Braganza, a Portuguese princess, married Charles II in 1662. She lived through times of war, plague and fire, and spent her final days as queen-regent of Portugal.


In Haste With Aloha: Letters and Diaries of Queen Emma, 1881-1885 edited by David W. Forbes. Ninety previously unpublished letters and excerpts from two diaries written by Hawaiian royal consort Queen Emma Kaleleonalani during the last five years of her life.

The King and the Making of Modern Thailand by Antonio L. Rappa. Born in Europe, King Bhumibol Adulyadej could hardly speak Thai when he assumed his royal duties in 1951. He survived attempted murder, crafty politicians, and corrupt generals to become Thailand's longest-reigning monarch.


The Drowning King by Emily Holleman. Cleopatra and her brother, Ptolemy, are welcomed to the Egyptian throne after their father's death. But can the Nile be shared? This is the second book in the Fall of Egypt series; the first book is Cleopatra's Shadows.

The Controversial Mayan Queen: Sak K'uk of Palenque by Leonide Martin. With her city in chaos and leaderless, a Mayan princess undertakes a perilous Underworld journey to seek help.

Children's Books

Who Was Princess Diana? by Ellen Labrecque. Illustrated biography for children ages 8 to 12.

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