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Game of Queens: A Novel of Vashti and Esther by India Edghill. Power and treachery, blood and deception, bravery and romance surround the court of King Ahasuerus of Persia. Published in September 2015.

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New Royalty Books

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Published in October 2015


Dynasty: The Rise and Fall of the House of Caesar by Tom Holland. The lurid history of Rome's first five emperors: Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, and Nero. This is a follow-up to Holland's earlier book Rubicon: The Last Years of the Roman Republic.

Go-Betweens for Hitler by Karina Urbach. How some German aristocrats -- such as the Duke of Coburg, grandson of Queen Victoria -- helped Hitler's secret diplomacy by providing a direct line to their influential contacts, including Britain's Edward VIII.

Sons and Heirs: Succession and Political Culture in Nineteenth-Century Europe edited by Frank Lorenz Müller and Heidi Mehrkens. Focuses on the role of royal heirs, including their education and accommodation, their ability to overcome succession crises, the consequences of the death of an heir, and their roles during the First World War.

My Hermitage by Mikhail Piotrovsky, translated by Antonina W. Bouis. In a memoir, the Russian museum's longtime director takes the reader on a private tour and tells how the Hermitage survived tsars, wars, and revolutions.

British Royal History

King John: Treachery and Tyranny in Medieval England: The Road to Magna Carta by Marc Morris. King John is familiar as the villain from Robin Hood tales. But was he truly a monster? This biography draws on the king's own letters to bring him to life.

The Growth of Royal Government Under Henry III edited by David Crook and Louise J. Wilkinson. Essays about such topics as 13th century developments in legal and financial administration, the roles of women and the church, and the office of escheator.

The State Visits of Edward VII: Reinventing Royal Diplomacy for the Twentieth Century by Matthew Glencross. Explores the king's revival of active royal diplomacy on the European stage through overseas royal state visits.

Modern British Royalty

Royal Fever: The British Monarchy in Consumer Culture by Cele C. Otnes and Pauline Maclaran. How and why consumers around the world use products, services, and experiences to satisfy their fascination with the British royal family.

A Royal Welcome by Anna Reynolds. An illustrated behind-the-scenes look at royal occasions at Buckingham Palace, from state banquets to garden parties and private audiences.

Royal Women

Women Who Ruled by Claudia Gold. Biographies of 50 women from around the world, including Nefertiti, Zenobia, Theodora, Roxelana, Jane Grey, Cixi, and such modern figures as Golda Meir and Margaret Thatcher.

Royal Mothers and Their Ruling Children: Wielding Political Authority From Antiquity to the Early Modern Era edited by Elena Woodacre and Carey Fleiner. Essays about such royal mothers as Eleanor of Aquitaine, Judith of Thuringia, Catherine de Medici, and the regents of the Khitan Liao in China.


Xerxes: A Persian Life by Richard Stoneman. Xerxes, Great King of the Persian Empire from 486-465 B.C., has gone down in history as an angry tyrant full of insane ambition. This biography presents him from the Persian perspective, showing how his reputation was destroyed by the propaganda of Alexander the Great.

Barbarian Lens: Western Photographers of the Qianlong Emperor's European Palaces by Regine Thiriez. This book offers extremely rare photographs of the Summer Palace, a complex of gardens and palaces that was burned and looted by Western armies in 1860.

Divine Honours for the Caesars: The First Christians' Responses by Bruce W. Winter. Examines evidence of emperor worship and the different ways Christian citizens of the Roman Empire responded to it.


Cleopatra's Shadows by Emily Holleman. A novel that reimagines the beginnings of Cleopatra's epic saga through the eyes of her younger sister, Arsinoe.

A Land Divided by K. M. Ashman. In 1081, Gruffydd ap Cynan, exiled heir to the Welsh kingdom of Gwynedd, unites with Tewdwr, a monarch deposed by traitors.

Children's Books

Who Was Marie Antoinette? by Dana Meachen Rau, illustrated by John O'Brien. From the palaces of Austria to the mirrored halls of Versailles, Marie Antoinette led a charmed life, but her taste for excess ruffled many feathers. For children ages 8 to 12.

Published in September 2015

Modern British Royalty

Backstairs Billy: The Life of William Tallon, the Queen Mother's Most Devoted Servant by Tom Quinn. Biography of the shopkeeper's son who worked for the Queen Mother for more than 50 years. He was charming, amusing, occasionally bitchy -- and promiscuous.

The Queen's Backyard by Jonathan Anderson and Edwin Low. Photographs from the Royal Windsor Horse Show and Windsor Castle Royal Tattoo in the grounds of Windsor Castle.

The King's Private Army by Andrew Stewart. During the Second World War an elite bodyguard was established to protect the British royal family in the event of a German invasion. This study draws on previously unseen documents, interviews and archival material.

Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family: A Glorious Illustrated History by DK Publishing. Photos and timelines illuminate the life and reign of Elizabeth II.

The Future Royal Family: William, Kate and the Modern Royals by Robert Jobson. Previously published as The New Royal Family, this new edition includes the period from Prince George's birth to the arrival of Princess Charlotte.

British Royal History

England, Arise: The People, the King and the Great Revolt of 1381 by Juliet Barker. The dramatic and shocking Peasants' Revolt is the backdrop for this look at everyday life in the Middle Ages, exploring why ordinary men and women united in armed rebellion against church and state.

Tea Fit for a Queen: Recipes & Drinks for Afternoon Tea by Historic Royal Palaces. Stories and anecdotes about British royals and their connection to the tradition of afternoon tea. Includes more than 40 recipes for everything from delicate finger sandwiches to Victoria sponge cake.

Chocolate Fit for a Queen: Delectable Chocolate Recipes From the Royal Courts to the Present Day by Historic Royal Palaces. With more than 35 recipes, this book includes chapters on Chocolate Cakes, Pastries and Tarts, and Drinks and Sauces, as well as anecdotes about royals and their connection to the history of chocolate.

Kings and Bishops in Medieval England, 1066-1216 by Roger Wickson. Explores thel relationship between the kings of England and their bishops, from the Norman Conquest to the Magna Carta.

Writing the Monarch in Jacobean England by Jane Rickard. How Jonson, Donne and Shakespeare and others commented upon and reworked the writings of King James VI and I.

The Philosopher King and the Pictish Nation by Julianna Grigg. Examines the emergence of Pictland (in what is now Scotland) during the 8th century as a cohesive nation under dynastic kingship.


Shah Abbas: The King Who Refashioned Iran by Sholeh Quinn. Shah Abbas (1597-1629) is the most well-known king of Iran's Safavid dynasty. When he came to power, his country was in chaos. Within 11 years he had regained lost territory, moved his capital city, and begun a transformation of Iranian society.

Sacred Founders by Diliana Angelova. From the time of Roman emperor Augustus through early Byzantium, the connection between imperial and sacred art helped legitimize the authority of the emperor and his family.

Kings Into Gods: How Prostration Shaped Eurasian Civilizations by Vittorio Cotesta. Analyzes the connection between rituality and royalty among the ancient Greeks and Romans, Mongolians in the Middle Ages, the Hindu and Chinese, 14th century India, the Mughals, and Europeans in the late Middle Ages.

Napoleon's Mameluke: The Memoirs of Roustam Raeza edited by Jonathan North. Roustam Raza was sold into slavery in Egypt, then given to Napoleon in 1799. For 15 years he was Napoleon's personal bodyguard. His reminiscences include Russia in 1812 and life in the imperial palaces.


The Sisters of Versailles: A Novel by Sally Christie. The first book in a trilogy about King Louis XV, France's most "well-beloved" monarch, and the women who shared his bed and his heart.

Anne & Henry: A Love Worth Losing Your Head Over by Dawn Ius. This novel for teenagers imagines Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn as high school students in the United States.

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