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The Contest Has Ended!

And the winner is Kevin, whose entry about the fate of the Romanovs received 37 percent of visitors' votes.

Kevin has won the book Brother to the Sun King: Philippe, Duke of Orleans by Nancy Nichols Barker. Congratulations to Kevin and all the finalists, and thank you to everyone who participated in this contest and made it such a success!

The Finalists

The Queen of Sheba's Son
One of the greatest royal mysteries of all time was that of Menyelek, the only son of the Queen of Sheba. Who was this man? What became of his dynasty? Was Haile S. His direct decendent? Why is it that in the Western world, royalty of African or Asian descent is often ignored or even made light of? -- by Wng

The Death of Jean I
Did Jean I the Posthumous died of natural causes ? The infant king of France, son of Louis X, died during his coronation in the arms of Countess Mahaut of Artois. Did she gave poison to the child so his son-in-law Philippe V could become the king ? The death of Jean I broke the Capetian line of father to son for the first time and opened a controversial dilemma of who should become the next king or queen of France. We know that because of Philippe V, women could'nt sit on the throne of France. -- by Francis

The Princes in the Tower
The perfect murder! Who helped Edward V of England and brother into the afterlife? Theories abound, culprits named, sources dispatched via torture and still the killer is unknown. What actually happened that evening in The Tower? Was their Uncle Richard in on the deal? Did the Duke of Buckingham feel he needed two lives to help preserve his power? Why did Henry VII never actually pursue the truth; maybe because he, himself, had something to hide? Why did their mother, Elizabeth, seem so resigned to their lose-could it be because the boys were still alive on the Continent? -- by Stirling

The Death of Crown Prince Rudolf
My uncle was in Vienna and started discussing the Habsburg Tragedy over a few glasses of the King of Sweden's reserved bottle of schnapps. Interrupted, a very old man confessed that Crown Prince Rudolf loved and wanted to marry his mistress. This was of course scandalous and to save embarrassment he was murdered along with her, with a suicide story cover up. How did he know so much? Because as a boy he had carried the bodies out of the palace! This is true, if this man was exaggerating, this adds to it, indeed this is how mysteries start. -- by Casta

THE WINNER! The Fate of the Romanovs
Russia was in such a state at the time of the alleged murder of the Tsar of Russia and his immediate family, that even if they were not dead, it was important for them to be thought of as dead. If it was so necessary for the Royal family to be executed, why try and cover up traces of the murders. There is much evidence that the Royal family were assassinated, but there is still no conclusive proof that they were all murdered. Two missing bodies are more than enough to make the whole episode mysterious. -- by Kevin

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