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Magazines About Royalty

Majesty Magazine. Covers royal families worldwide, with emphasis on British royalty. You can subscribe to the magazine at its official website.

Royalty Magazine. Another well-known royalty magazine. Here's its website.

Related Magazines

You can subscribe to the following magazines through Amazon if you live in the United States. Gift subscriptions are also available.

Discover Britain Magazine. A guide to historic Britain as it lives on today.

German Life. Bimonthly look at German culture, travel, history and heritage.

France Magazine. Bimonthly English-language magazine about French history, culture, and travel.

Military Heritage. Details battles and strategies, profiles leaders, provides maps, and presents eyewitness accounts that vividly bring the past to life.

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Archaeology Magazines

Archaeology Magazine. Combines worldwide archaeological findings with photography, maps, drawings, and charts. Articles cover current excavations, recent discoveries, newsbriefs, film and book reviews, current museum exhibits.

Biblical Archaeology Review. Unearths the archaeological world of the Old and New Testaments. The latest discoveries and controversies, photography, informative maps and diagrams.

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Heraldry & Genealogy Magazines

Family Tree. Dedicated to helping you discover, preserve, and celebrate your family history.

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Magazines on Other Topics

Still haven't found what you're looking for? Amazon offers subscriptions to many other magazines and newspapers.

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